Graciously donated quick sketch of New Goro by Merlin. Figured I’d give you all an update:

Therapy and depression meds are definitely working but the recovery is a slow process. The disease was grinding me down over the last year and I was punishing myself to put out comics and I think the quality was degraded because of it. Something happened to me last year that totally crushed my morale and it’s been very difficult to get over that, despite the hundreds of people like you all lifting me up!

But I’m feeling stronger slowly. Gonna see if I can make a comic this week. I’ve been planning this storyline for years and it’s gonna rock, I just need to remember what made it feel awesome to make comics and the energy to make it so.

If you want to read something else (that’s HUGE) that I wrote over the course of the last year, I did a narrative Let’s Play of XCOM. Lots of strange and hilarious characters shooting aliens in the face and finding love on the battlefield. I had a lot of fun doing that.