What’s this comic about?

It’s a world that’s socially very similar to ours…but thousands of years in the future. It’s been blown up fully four times in a row, and though they’ve rebuilt themselves to a level on par with modern society, it’s full of all sorts of weird magic and science that’s developed over time. This weird world is therefore full of weird diseases, and so we need weird doctors who can deal with all the diseases, wounds, and emotional trauma this strange world can inflict.

There’s comedy, drama, life, death, transformations, and disintegrating clothing. A lot of disintegrating clothing.

Seriously, the comic is NSFW after chapter 16. BE WARNED!

Why’s everything look so unfinished?

My original hosting site, Drunk Duck, died recently and I’m still uploading all the old comics. I’m doing everything single-handedly, more or less, and I need to do this comic on top of all other things I’m trying to do in Real Life so bear with me! Some old comics don’t have color yet, either…forgive me. It’ll all look much better in enough time.

Summarize the plot for me!

Sure thing! Here’s a comic that hits the plot points of the first fifteen chapters. Though it lacks a lot of the character beats and cool quotes. You can’t summarize that.



You could also go to my comic’s page on TV Tropes! They mention almost everything noteworthy about it in excruciating detail. Many thanks to Packbat for writing most of it!