UNDER CONSTRUCTION This will be the page where I list brief character bios so that new readers can catch up or remind themselves who the main cast is. I’ll put icons of their faces in here.


The Main Four:

Mori: Brilliant, logical, really 170 years old. Mori’s traveled around the world twice over, and decided that the best way to deal with the bizarre threats and strange diseases is to form a team of super-doctors who double as super-adventurers. Most of Mori’s skill is based around manipulating esoteric effects and diagnosis; her “anti-entropic” training lets her reverse the damage to people as well as objects, allowing her to repair damage to petrified people.

Sarin: Whimsical, arrogant, jokey, and powerful enough to slap your very soul. Sarin the Wizard specializes in transformation, meaning she could very well turn you into whatever she wanted. As a doctor that means she doubles as an aesthetician who can make you look like whatever you want, if the money’s right. She spent a lot of time transformed into a tree as a kid and keeps her hair green to remember that. Her favorite non-transformation spell is the one that makes people naked.

Kili: Emotionally sensitive but strong, Kili is the team’s shaman and psychotherapist. Her spiritual senses are so powerful that she needs those facial tattoos to block out the visions, and that white hair came about because she saw something utterly horrifying on the edge of existence as a kid. She can be counted on to provide stability and emotional healing long after all the physical wounds have been mended, but she’s still dealing with a lot of her own damage too.

Goro: The world’s greatest combat surgeon, who can cut you to pieces and then sew them back together again in one minute. Big, tough, hairy, proud, a real man among men! Until the valley curse, anyway. Goro’s had a rough time finding out what really makes her what she is after being stripped of the body she spent her whole life developing. No matter the size of Goro’s body, though, you can count on her kicking the ass of evil, and her decisive surgeon’s mind is equally good at cutting to the heart of the problems.

The Main Friends:

Aki: Aki started off the main plot by inviting the Dragon Doctors to Agri Valley–and got them all turned to women in the process. As an apology she’s become their assistant. She got particularly drawn to Goro and the two have become very, very close, and she’s become a fast friend with Tanica, making sure to read to her every day she’s a tree. Aki can be counted on to try to bring a little light into people’s lives.

Tanica: A bitter assassin lady was hired to kill a patient of the Dragon Doctors, but an accident turned her into a tree planted in front of the clinic. The DDs were legally obligated to take care of her until she could be turned back, and constantly interacting with her has slowly melted her icy heart. She’s gotten so used to the idea that she has no future that she has no idea what to do if she were turned loose.


Inspector Blue:


Other Very Important People: