Merlin drew this amazing five-year anniversary page, celebrating Five Years of Dragon Doctors! Can you pick out every character that’s appeared in the comic so far? Hahahaha. This was so amazing I printed and passed out about fifteen copies at the convention I was visiting with my friend just for fun. (I had to warn them that my usual stuff is nowhere near this good, but hey…)

Thanks all for your continued patience, every single positive comment, every single piece of advice (either art-wise or writing-wise, lord knows I need them both, badly) and everyone who helped me through this this far. Thanks to Merlin for the site, the art, the support, and the feedback. Thanks to Afeldspar who has helped me out with many hard writing decisions during many hours of shoptalk. Thanks to each and every one of my regular fans who love to examine and over-examine my work. Thanks also to the folks who rigorously update the comic’s TV Tropes page! I couldn’t do it without ANY of you; you are all indispensable for helping Dragon Doctors continue.

Been feeling very, very sick lately, but this image invigorates me and makes me realize how far I’ve come. Progress on the restoration/completion of chapter 12 continues. I have also sketched out more of the wedding chapter. Shall be fuuuun. Next step: The world!