Alright. There’s just one page to colorize in Chapter 11, and it’s already inked up now. Trouble is I’m having some sort of weird lethargy bug, I’ve had it all week. Very annoying, it’s hard to do good work when you feel like crap. What I’m working on besides coloring old stuff is outlining another backstory mini-chapter that’ll flesh out Cary and Logan’s relationship; it’ll be pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Also I’m still trying to design a good header graphic for the new comic site and I’m trying to figure out a few other things.

After Chapter 11 is done, there’s over 35 straight color pages of Chapter 12 going up right after that (then there’s a handful of pages to color in the later part). Old fans who want new content: please be patient a while longer. I am agonizing about this more than you know.